pic: FRC3880 - Tiki Techs - Electronics Board

Aloha All!

Since the trend this year is electronics reveals, we wanted to share ours. It could be even neater if I allowed the students to cut the CAN and PWM wires to precise lengths.

More to come…

Wow, that’s looking very nice! Good work!

Thank you very much,

I will make sure the student responsible is informed. He worked very hard to make it as clean as possible. Even though I wouldn’t let him trim the wires.

In fact he has become quit obsessed with ultra clean wiring. He told me that he is on reddit looking at computer case wiring for inspiration almost every night and it shows.

All of this work will have to be redone. This layout was built on the plate that will be welded in the frame today. He spent yesterday drilling the holes and getting ready for todays installation. The student knew this and has texted me several times to make sure I get the correct color cable ties when I head there this afternoon.

Can’t wait to see the finished product. Very proud of his work and dedication.

Good luck this year…


4 talon SRX’s sounds like a mecanum drive to me. Looks very nice guys.

You have some serious electronics skill if you can hear that from the picture…

We are not running mecanum drive this year. We will be posting some more reveal later this week…

Keep you guessing…



BOFFO! This is the fishbone layout I was expecting to see more of when I saw the new SRX form factor. I also love the great use of the “twisted wire” technique of making long wires fit a small space. I’ve seen it done (actually watched it being performed at what a magician would consider “close”), but have never mastered it. That one of your students got this good by looking at results on reddit is amazing.

The one improvement that occurs to me (and please consider it as constructive) would be to shorten some runs within the board and simplify some runs off the board by moving the 'RIO and breakout panels sort of like this.

OBTW, I’m assuming that you realize that the PDP Distributes power, and doesn’t actually create it. I added a large red and black wire to my image just in case ;->.

Thanks so much for the comments.

The wire twist just takes practice. I have been using this technique for far longer than I care to share =)

The student that I have been mentoring has picked this technique up amazingly fast. Almost the same day I demonstrated it.
Shows what inspiration can do!! Let alone his desire to go beyond simple wiring layout with his research.

He created this layout based on where the electronics board sits in the robot and the other elements that make up the robot design.
He is inspiring me, a great trade for sure, this is what FIRST is about… Inspiration going both ways!

I understand the changes you are posing, though the design fits a specific designated area.

There is power needed? Aww now we have to start over… time for a Ri3d :stuck_out_tongue:

This layout has all be pulled out and the plate is being welded into the chassis tonight. Tomorrow it all goes back in along with its “missing” elements. I will post more as build progress and time permits.

Aloha and good luck to everyone this year!

Looks nice but I’m curious to know why you don’t let them cut the wires? It would look so much nicer if he could use shorter cables. I do however appreciate his pc building like cable management me being a pc modder. Now I just need to convince my mentor I need to paracord sleeve he cables and I’m all set.

They may not have the tools to make their own pwm wires. And for the can wires, you cant splice them back together, so I imagine they want to keep the original length for future use to save money. All teams want to save money, but for Hawaii teams, you are looking at about 50$ for shipping of a 10$ order. and if you want next day shipping which will take 3-4 days to actually arrive, its about 110$ for that 10$ order of parts.

either way the board looks good. Much cleaner than what we have. Cant wait to see the board and robot in person at Hawaii Regional.

^^^ This ^^^

Thanks for the reply! Yup many of the trials and tribulations of living Hawaiian Style…

I didn’t have much time yesterday to reply to the questions. Good of you to chime in, I appreciate it.

More pictures to come soon, maybe tonight, if all goes as planned. :yikes:

See you at the Hawaii Regional.


Here is an earlier picture of the board installed.


More to come as time and catching up on sleep permits.


This looks awesome! It is very neat and organized.