pic: FRC3929 Rookie Bot

Never got to put up a picture of our highly flawed and bulky robot for Rebound Rumble. We enjoyed working on it but have hopefully learned from our plethora of mistakes in it’s design and construction. Mt. Olive district winner and RAS, Chestnut Hill RAS, MAR Champs RAS, and World Champs Rookie Inspiration. Here’s hoping for a better robot in 2013!

Well done! The awards are indicative of the team’s dedication.

I like how you call your robot “highly flawed” and “bulky”, and then proceed to list all the awards you received that most teams could only dream of getting. If that robot is “highly flawed” and “bulky”, then I’d like to once in my lifetime build a robot that’s extremely flawed and ginormous. Props to 3929 for such a successful rookie year!

While we appreciate and celebrate the accolades that are more towards the non-technical side, our goal for next season will be to come out with a more competitive robot, not just to win non-technical awards. For a rookie season, we simply bit off more than we could chew and ended up with a “Jack of all trades, master of none” robot. The mentors and students collectively feel that the robot this season was not designed using the process we should have stuck to and spent more time on.

Akash, that is a great lesson to learn early on! Many veteran teams don’t learn that for several seasons and some never do!

Still a great robot! Good luck to 3929 this season!

Still think this is one of the more impressive robots from this season from a design stand point considering it was a rookie team they did a very good job. :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% aware of how it performed but nonetheless it stood out to me :slight_smile:

  • Andrew

looking forward to seeing 3929 in 2013!

You are seeing the product of a lot of hard work from some very bright students and a group of dedicated mentors. Well done, I think the Atomic Dragon is here to stay!

Great job this past season Akash!

looks better than some veteran teams bots…

lol it was quite underwhelming, let’s leave it at that.