pic: FRC48 Robot xtremachen10 - Ramps Deployed

Here’s the robot with the ramps deployed. Actuating that last platform section fully before dropping that side has proven to be a challenge. We’re considering shifting focus to converting that section to a steeper-angled ramp. Opinions welcome.

search 839 unfolded.

We have almost identical robots. we used bungee cord tied off on the first platform, looped up and over to the outermost platform to pull it up and out on the way down…PM me for more details and pictures.


This is also very much like 549’s, except we have an arm. We used a rope from the ramp to the platform to hold them up. When we release the legs on our platform, it releases the rope and lets the ramps fall.

very nice, and it works well?

Thank you all for the feedback and links to pics. We actually started testing the same idea you had, Dana, only using Kevlar string. That’s the yellow stuff you see tied to each of the legs underneath the ramp and platform. Turns out we didn’t have enough time to find the ideal string length. Your feedback gives me confidence we were moving in the right direction. I question the reliability of the string under repeated abuse, so we’ll probably double or triple up the tie-downs just to be safe.

The ramp side unfolds very nicely. As I said in the pic descriptions (I posted 2 pics of the bot), we may modify the platform side to be a dual ramp/platform combination ala Team 188 and others. Our ultimate direction depends quite a bit on the teams that are at each competition we attend and their overall capabilities.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, we plan to be an all defense bot with (hopefully) fast ramp capabilities at the end. We hope the ramp provides an inviting and easy target for our alliance partners to climb without fear of falling off…or falling in. The all defense and quick offense at end game is pretty much what drove our success in 2004 (we were one of the fastest from carpet to hanging around). We had gotten away from that the past few years, and I’m glad to see it back. I just hope our drivers are ready to keep up with some of the zippy ringer scorers that are out there. It won’t be a cakewalk, by any means.

Very robust looking design Travis - seems like you can put 3 robots up there easily! :slight_smile: