pic: FRC48 Robot xtremachen16 (XM16)

2013 FRC Team 48 Robot - xtremachen16 (XM16)

Updated Videos:

Competed at Finger Lakes - 7-2-0 record, #7 seed, #4 Alliance Captain, Regional Finalist, UL Industrial Safety Award Winner - Thanks to 145 and 1126!

Also competing at Queen City and Crossroads

Robot Info:


  • Welded 2x1 and 1x1 aluminum tubing base frame
  • 6WD West Coast-style Drivetrain, Integrated chain tensioning Blocks
  • 6" custom aluminum performance wheels, blue nitrile roughtop tread
  • Stock AndyMark SuperShifter guts in custom gearbox assembly, 2 CIM motors per side
  • Encoders and gyro for future autonomous routines


  • 2-wheel linear shooter, 4-7/8" blue Banebots wheels
  • Powered by 2 Mini-CIM motors currently geared 1:1 to wheel output shafts via 48-tooth West Coast Products aluminum gears
  • PID speed control via US Digital E5 encoder


  • BAG motor coupled to 50:1 VEXPro VersaPlanetary coupled to 16:1 AM WormBox
  • Gas shock counterbalance
  • Cherry AN8 angular position sensor provides feedback for PID control

Upper Intake

  • Simple ABS roller and polycord belting conveyor rapidly loads discs originating from slot (or elsewhere…)
  • Powered by an RS-550 motor coupled to a 10:1 VersaPlanetary


  • 2 1.5" bore, 6" stroke Bimba cylinders hang for 10 points


  • Currently undergoing renovations :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t decide which I like more, the robot or the cart. Jealous.

Pretty good roboy that we got to see at FLR this weekend. It seemed to be only shooting for 2 pointers most of the time though? Or was I just seeing a few matches that you shot 2 pointers?

Also when walking by your pit I noticed a picker upper, why aren’t you using it on the robot anymore? Does it not work??

Good luck at the rest of your competitions, I suspect a win from 48 soon :slight_smile:

We intentionally shot 2-pointers in teleop. 1 point away from a third finals match…I’m ok with that strategy. Will we continue to do this? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. :slight_smile:

Also when walking by your pit I noticed a picker upper, why aren’t you using it on the robot anymore? Does it not work??

I didn’t know we ever used it in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck at the rest of your competitions, I suspect a win from 48 soon.

Thank you. Good luck to 772 as well!

Nice bot, I like the simple, polished look. And regional finalist too! Good luck the rest of the year, though I’m not sure you’ll need too much of it.

Any reason with going with 2 pointers? (that you would care to share)

From a mathematical standpoint — Basically, if your 2 point shot is 100% and your 3 point shot is < 67% you’re leaving points on the table by shooting 3’s. (obviously this is a ratio)

Our magazine/hopper as currently (formerly? :cool: ) constructed added some height variation in shots within the same salvo. The larger 2-point goal accomodated that variation.

Plus why would we want to spend all that extra time lining up and shooting 3’s when we could be out playing defense? :smiley:

Travis, nice robot. And nice job in the competition. I hear from some friends who were there that you guys played some fierce defense too. I am looking forward to seeing you guys in Queen City. (And maybe getting to be allies in qualifying for a change.)

So far we are planning on shooting for 3 pointers, but we too have done the math and are perfectly ready to shoot for threes if necessary. When I watched regional webcasts, I saw a lot of shooters (particularly full court ones) that were hitting under 50% on threes who probably could have scored significantly more points if they had been shooting for twos.

Oh of course, I forgot about the fact that shooting 2s lets you play D more :wink:

I know the feeling Travis, our shooter initially had some inconsistencies that meant the 2 was a better shot for us. After finding our sweet spots the 3 became a much nicer shot. I like the flexibility to drop back to 2s if blocked though.

I think we’ll be comfortable shooting 3’s moving forward. :slight_smile:

Here’s an updated image of our practice robot. I think we did a good job hiding most of the ugly. This pic displays our shooter changes for Queen City, as well as something new! The bot is obviously lacking our 10-pt. hooks, which remain on the competition robot.

I posted an updated video from recent practices to YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0Dox3VEhPg. I apologize in advance for the “dancing” footage. We were celebrating finding a solution to a nagging problem with the hopper.

I think our drive team might be holding back in practice just a wee bit. We’ll see! :slight_smile:


Awesome robot improvement; even after you guys made the finals of your previous regional. Other than pretty much remodeling your entire arm setup, did you have to modify anything else of your robot?(i.e. electronics placement, hanger, etc…) Whats the weight difference between this bot and the comp one?

Dang those are some awesome improvements Travis. Hope you guys also get your auton where you want it!

Best of luck!

We had to reallocate some Victor assignments in the code and swap a few wires due to the shooter motors changing sides.

The shooter is essentially the same, only with a new compression track material and reverting to a 3/4" bore feed cylinder from the 1-1/16" we were forced to use at FLR. We went the bucket route for the gravity hopper after removing our FLR lifting magazine.

The floor loader uses the same basic idea we’ve had for ground loading all season - we just finally figured out a decent way to legally deploy the thing.

Compared to our last shooter/hopper/conveyor/floor loader prototype combo we brought to Rochester, we believe this overall package is lighter.

Akash - if you were thinking I was talking about us having the 7-disc autonomous for Queen City in the 7-disc thread, I was actually talking about another local team. Queen City has a very nice practice field, however, so I would imagine we’ll make it out there for some auton testing fun if everything else is going well. :slight_smile: