pic: FRC48 Robot xtremachen18 at Pittsburgh Regional

I haven’t uploaded any photos (or videos…or anything) of our 2015 robot XM18 up to this point, so here it is.

Safe to say it will continue to evolve heading into future events.

As simple as it is currently, not too shabby to take a rookie drive team and post a mid 60’s average, OPR ranked in the 40’s out of 1200, and the #2 seed and Regional Finalist at Pittsburgh. Buckeye and Queen City should be quite fun.

Digging those gussets. Are those spring loaded hooks for the totes?

Good to see 48 back in the finals at an event!

Everything on the robot is riveted this year. First time we haven’t welded the base frame since 2002. This has helped keep us flexible for changes and upgrades. The intake on the front of the robot would have been much more difficult to implement late in the build had we welded the frame.

They are bungee-loaded aluminum fingers, yes, but we’ve since decided to simplify and save weight using 1/8" lexan fingers.

We’ve been putting our practice robot to good use. The drivers aren’t the only ones having fun: