pic: FRC48 Safety Trooper at GTR

Team 48 borrowed Team 2010’s “Safety Trooper” mascot for a little fun at GTR. Fun fact - Did you know that the Safety Trooper in Mississauga was, in fact, a girl? If only the real Imperial Army was so accepting. Jess had a great time inside the costume, but the safety trooper outfit will soon return to Team 2010 in Atlanta - look for their kids to be promoting the safety goodness in the Curie division.

Well I hope she found the droids she was looking for.

Wow, whats the punishment for not wearing goggles?


Are the eye slits in that helmet ANSI-approved safety glasses? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone who sees this at comp will remember team 48! You should make a droid out of one of your older robots.

Where’d they get the costume from?

Our safety mentor/pit boss Donnell is a big Star Wars fan - he got that off of eBay. You don’t want to know how much he paid. I believe he also has a Darth Vader outfit just as elaborate, but he’s not letting that get anywhere near a FIRST competition.

And she was wearing safety glasses underneath the helmet. Someone had to lead her around a bit though, as the helmet kinda gave her tunnel vision.