pic: FRC488 - 2010 Robot - "X"

This is a peak into the top of our robot. I’ll try to find a better picture that also shows the front end rollers and vacuum device.

We heavily modified most major systems between the Autodesk Oregon Regional and our win at this weekend’s Microsoft Seattle Regional and succeeded in making them all better.

I think our kicker energy storage mechanism and rollers are unique among all FRC robots this season.

Nice pic Madison. Who’s signatures?

Your team rocked Seattle. Deadly midfield shooting, then storming the home zone for some 2-on-1… and teamed with 2557 and 2990, your alliance was unstoppable.

Our scout team, quote: “2557 is the closest thing to 971”
That was a great 1st pick for you.

Your 2nd pick, 2990, was a great defender. It was fitting that 2898 (equally fast) played the defender role on the Finalist alliance (with 2915 and 948).

Congratulations on the win. Best of luck to you in Atlanta.


Thanks for the congratulations! :slight_smile:

The team signed the robot right before we started elimination rounds. They all kissed it right after.

We were very happy to work with 2557. We knew early on Friday that our robots would be a fantastic complement to one another and were very happy they were available to join our alliance. I didn’t see it, but I was told that our student rep. communicated that happiness well. :slight_smile:

2990 played fantastically well. They were quick – but more importantly, they were smart. In our first quarter final, a problem with our kicker meant we needed to stay on defense in the opponent’s home zone. 2990 adapted and did a great job at midfield keeping the heat off of 2557 and keeping balls available for them. Without their quick thinking, we may have been eliminated right away.

Did you compete with those bumpers? I was under the impression that only numbers were allowed?

We’ve been questioned twice here in Michigan because our bumpers have numbers with two separate colors. :frowning:

These last two season of FIRST have had an incredibly large focus on bumpers.

Nice looking bot otherwise. :smiley:

AHOY! Congratulations on ye Victory in Seattle, Ye robot could not dance the hempen jig, last ye did all else with great class. Yer welcome for ay tankerd of rum with arrrrr crew any day.

They let us compete with them, but we did get a talking to about it. We’ll have new bumpers in Atlanta, if we go, and hope to do as well without the competitive advantage that having our team name on the bumpers gives. :slight_smile:

Congrats on a great seattle regional!
Funny how both of us came up with the same name for our robot, as we didnt do FRC in 2004 but started a year before you folks.

I sometimes like to invoke what I call the “Rebagliatti rule”… if it’s not performance enhancing you get to keep the medal.

I was surprised that the tech inspectors didn’t require that “XBot” be covered with a piece of fabric… although considering that they allowed a few teams to compete with black numbers on blue bumpers, I’d say they extended similar courtesies on bumper numbering to other teams, so it was only fair to do the same here… but it made no difference to the outcome… a well deserved victory.

Good luck in Atlanta.