pic: FRC488 2012 Robot - Gojira

Here’s a better shot of our competition robot than I had before ship day. This was taken on the field during practice at the Alamo Regional.

I just wanted to shamelessly point out our robot once again and give a bit of information about things that aren’t apparent by looking at statistics or watching a webcast. We are competing in the Newton division and excited about playing more with folks we’ve already competed with this year.

Cool facts:

  • Even though we look ‘long’, we take up the same amount of space as a ‘wide’ robot on the bridge.
  • We have pneumatic brakes that prevent us from rolling around on a swinging bridge
  • We’ve reduced the time between shots to about 2 seconds
  • We made changes before Seattle to minimize air consumption that allowed us to score far more than we did in Texas.
  • Lowering bridges is easy. Lowering bridges with balls under them is also pretty easy.
  • 1st seed at Alamo regional (lost to triple balance by only 4 pts. :frowning: )
  • 2nd seed at Seattle Olympic regional (lost to triple balance by only 1 pt. :(((( )
  • Adding sight to catapult to make aiming before autonomous mode more reliable
  • Adding capability to offset robot to left or right edge of key for flexibility in autonomous mode
  • Adding variable delay to auto shot timing that doesn’t require a code change

There are some old videos of us on our YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com/teamxbot

The team is excited and looking forward to playing with a bunch of spectacular teams.