pic: FRC488 2013 Robot

Here is a glance at our 2013 robot.

Here’s a brief video of some testing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05TBZzl103s

Our focus has been to create a simple, reliable machine. It was designed with the following requirements:
– Start autonomous with three frisbees
– Collect additional frisbees from the floor
– Score 3 pt. frisbees from rear of pyramid
– Load discs from human player feeder slot
– 10 pt. buzzer beater hang

Very nicely done!

I was finally able to get some video of practice robot testing today.

It’s a 2-speed, 6WD machine with floor collection and human-player loading capabilities. Shooting is optimized for the back side of the pyramid, but we’re adding capability for more than that; maybe not for Portland, but definitely for Central Washington.

Lifting is pneumatic and does not require activation. When the robot is disabled, such as at the end of a match, it lifts automatically.