pic: FRC488 - 2014 Aerial Assist Robot

Our 2014 robots a few hours before the end of build season.

See the following post for more information.

Woah. Hmmmm… I just noticed that the intakes look like bird wings. Cool!

Sorry, but we don’t have a fancy video to show off our robot. :slight_smile:

We had some setbacks in this last week with our catapult linkage (my fault) and tensioning and breaking timing belts (probably also my fault?), but we were able to get things together and now we have two working robots.

There’s still a lot of tuning to be done. The catapult we shipped is not the catapult we’ll compete with, but it’s very similar. We’ll have to replace all of the timing belts on our collectors with sprockets and chain in our unbagging window. Fun times.

I have two brief videos that show some of the robot in action. No fancy music or edits or lights here – just raw footage.

First, an end-to-end test – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOkRWijWrsM

Second, an early 2-Ball autonomous test – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFpjny6THB8

We are aiming to have a 3-Ball autonomous program ready for our first district. We need to optimize things programmatically and mechanically to increase the efficiency of the process, but we’re pretty confident we can get it.

Nice looking twins, do the have names? I’m sad we won’t get to play with you until District Champs if we both qualify. Maybe we can find a time to get the practice robots together.

Can’t wait to see her tuned up for district play.

beautiful robots and awesome drivetrain!

I have to ask though, is that your school/test area? Looks like a Starbucks lounge.:slight_smile:

Can’t to see it up close, we’ll be at both your districts :slight_smile:

They don’t have names yet. We’ve been slacking pretty hard on that account. I suggested Rodan, but nobody else on the team knows what Rodan is.

It’s the atrium inside the Microsoft Research building that houses the machine shop and meeting areas we use. :slight_smile:

Cool – looking forward to seeing yours as well. :slight_smile:

Three-ball autonomous testing. It’s not quite as fast as it needs to be yet, but it keeps getting closer.