pic: FRC488 Drive Frame

Not much to see yet, but this is our chassis. Very simple and straightforward. We’ll get the rest of it assembled on Thursday and I’ll post another picture then.

So darn clean, love it. Looks like it weighs almost nothing.

Are your gearboxes going on the end closest in the picture? What are you guys going to be running in your drive? :slight_smile: Excited to see it!

Beautiful Madison!


Very nice.

Thanks, everyone.

I was told it weighs 3.6 lbs. as shown.

The drive itself isn’t anything very fancy – it’s 6WD using VexPro VersaWheels. The back (rightmost) wheels are gear driven from 2-stage ball-shifters (34:64, I believe) and everything is chained together from there. We’re using 3/8" hex standoffs from McMaster-Carr as axles and the VexPro shaft collars to keep everything spaced out on those.

The gearboxes mount to a small sheet metal part that sandwiches the inside channel so they can be easily removed by loosening 4 bolts. I made the mounting holes too small on those parts, so we need to open those up on Thursday. :slight_smile:

Very nice chassis! Open ends suggest floor pickup?

It was designed to be able to drive over frisbees without getting stuck on them, actually. Serendipitously, however, it also works well for picking them up, too :slight_smile:

I really like this.

What thickness metal are you using?

What is the height of the frame?

Looks great!
Regards, Bryan

It’s all .063" 5052. The overall height is just over 4". It’s pretty small.

What is the perimeter split? It looks a fair bit longer than it is wide.

Looks really good Madison. I can’t wait to see it up close and personal in Portland and again at Central. :stuck_out_tongue:

31.5" long x 23.5" wide.