pic: FRC488 -- Electronics/Battery Access

Our superstructure covers the entire base of our robot, making access to the battery and other electrical parts difficult. To combat this, we’ve made the entire top part of our robot pivot on its rear mount. We can lift everything up to have easy access to the bottom.

Very cool! Reminds me of 1726 from 08.

For newcomers: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/30112

^ I see from these comments that you’ve done this quite a few times now actually.

I like your drivetrain. What thickness is your sheet metal? Ours is very similar with a sheet metal chassis and 6 x 4" Versa wheels with a Ball Shifter placed between two rear wheels.

Also, what is your reduction between the shifter and the rear wheel?

We’ve tried in a few different permutations over the years, starting in 2007 from utter necessity. In 2008, the robot was designed for it, but we never used it in reality. This year, it’s an absolute requirement that it work; we otherwise won’t be able to get to our battery without designing an elaborate system to support the battery and allow it to be changed from below. Yuck.

The metal is all .063" 5052. The reduction from the shifter output to the wheel is 34:64.