pic: FRC488 - Fall Project, Rev. A

Since your frame style is already very similar to 971’s, you might want to take a look at how they do the bumper mounts too. A sheet metal frame fits against the bumper backing with draw latches. The matching latch hook is riveted to the robot base. It’s a pretty secure fit, and they’re fairly easy to remove (just watch the clearances around the superstructure). We’ve done the bumpers as one piece like this for the past few seasons, but you could do them as halves, also. I’m not sure it would work well if you wanted each side to have its own bumper.

Considering that it’s a sealed, COTS transmission, I’m not sure how likely it is that you’ll actually need to remove the transmission for repair, so unless it’s easy to make it removable through the bottom and has no adverse effects on the overall strength/rigidity/manufacturability of the chassis, it might not be worth worrying about it, as long as there is a way to get them out. Since the transmission output is cantilevered over the top of the chassis rail, it has to rotate some to take it through the bottom without bringing it in towards the centerline.

One thing to watch out for with these is that, the first time we did this, we made our hooks too weak, such that they gradually got bent up over time by the force from the draw latches and the draw latches stopped latching.

If you have to punt on bumper mounting, 2809’s reversible bumpers are a proven favorite among teams I’ve been on before. Even if your mounting inhales audibly, your teammates won’t hate you too much if they only have to take them off once at inspection. :slight_smile:

Question: are the front and rear most wheels raised any? If not, you will either have trouble turning, or very quickly ruin those 4 wheels

The outermost wheels are raised by 1/8". This has a pretty short wheelbase and will have no trouble turning.

Even if all of the wheels were at the same level, the wheelbase remains very short. It’s about 22".