pic: FRC488 - Lifts Lowered

team xbot presents X7, our 2007 robot. It’s nearly complete in this photo, missing just a few details.

Its features include:

– 4 CIM, 6WD geared at 17.5:1 for increased torque over typical FIRST drivetrains
– Capability to quickly switch one pair of omniwheels for a second pair of kitbot wheels for increased resistance to rotation
– Twin 38" x 44" (~11.5 sq. ft.) corrugated polycarbonate platforms sitting atop gas spring-actuated four-bar linkage lifting platforms.
– 14" final lift height
– 2 second lift time
– 190 lbs. lift capacity

thats alot like our robot you should checkout our robot pictures just search 1482 ! what regionals are you attending?:eek:

looks heavy >.<

are you under the 4 foot limit? no arm?

We’ll be competing at the Pacific Northwest Regional and Silicon Valley Regional – maybe the Championship, as well.

It is remarkably heavy for how little there is to it. One half of our chassis is completely empty except for the frame rails themselves.

We’re 5’ tall and weighed ~115 lbs. last night. We haven’t done anything at all to lighten most of the robot to date, so losing the little bit of weight we must to pass inspection will be no trouble at all. Already, by lightening some tubing on a plasma cutter and swapping bolts for rivets, we’ve saved several pounds. The mechanism that allows the platforms to fall has been changed to a design that requires only one motor, saving another several pounds. We have also placed an order for thinner Polygal sheeting that will save nearly 5 lbs. all by itself. We’re in good shape.

We’ve built a simple arm, but there’s no weight available for its use, unfortunately. We expected this early in the season, so it’s no loss or detriment to our strategy. We’ve always sought to be one of the best lifting robots in the competition and as such, we focused our effort on making the lifts as easy to use and reliable as possible.

we are not that heavy were 121.4 today and were 4’ tall the walls are made of .020’’ aluminum sandwiched between tinfoil honeycomb and it can withstand 120lbs sq in and both walls at 38’‘by 40’’ weigh 10lbs

Care to share where you’re purchasing your polygal sheeting from? We have a similar design and have been trying to find lighter materials for the platforms. Right now cardboard (no joke) is looking to be our best bet. But this stuff might be even better. Thanks in advance.

that doesn’t look to be even 6 inches off the ground … don’t you have to be at least that to score any points?

You need to be at least 4", but they have a linkage that lifts both platforms up to 14", shown here

thats some big lifts man…it is designed well…are you guys planning to make an arm for it, or is its purpose just to deploy ramps?

see post #4 above :slight_smile:


I believe we are ordering through TAP plastics, or Laird

who are polygal distributors.