pic: FRC488 Octocanum with cylinders

Cylinders finally arrived this week, so the articulation mechanism is now up and running. We use two cylinders to actuated all four wheels – a little different than most.

Awesome, i always wanted to do that. mad props

Looks awesome. Also, is the whole frame connected using polycarb brackets/joints and rivets?


Please keep the CD community posted on how this design works out for you. This is a design idea that came around years ago but no one had ever actually integrated it on to a FRC robot till now. I’m very excited to see the final results, looks great so far.

The upper frame which is all 1/16" wall 1"x1" aluminum tube is held together with 1/8" polycarb gussets with 3/16" rivets. There is not too much it needs to support and since we can cut nearly a whole robot’s worth of them in a single pass of the CO2 laser cutter we have at the shop it is very quick and easy way to get fairly sturdy joints. The lower frame is 8020 1010 held together by their counterbore anchor fasteners.