pic: FRC488 - Operator Interface

team xbot’s 2007 operator interface reflects our simple strategy this season – lift all comers and lift them easier, faster and more reliably than anyone else.

Four buttons control two lifts – one button per side to release them to the ground and another to release the gas spring-based lifting mechanisms.

Interesting layout. A suggestion: you should use a backshell on that connector to prevent a short.

Very interesting layout but it looks great! You guys did a great job.

They haven’t quite finished wiring yet. I’m sure it’ll all be cleaned up and covered by the time it’s done.

The kids did a fantastic job on this. All of the mentors are really proud of how careful and deliberate they were about putting it together. Long gone are the days are taking the fastest, easiest route to the finish – I hope.

you should create another layer os some kind of way to protect the wires such as using zip ties to consolidate the wires together, and hiding them under a second level…

nice job :slight_smile:

hey thats cool, what material did you use for the blue and black panels? looks nice with the logo!

The blue part is laser-cut acrylic and the black is painted wood. The clear was also acrylic but was laser-engraved, and has white LED’s behind it.