pic: FRC488 Scores

I thought it might be time to upload a new picture of our robot since older ones don’t show the side paneling we’ve been using in competition.

This was taken during the Oregon regional.

Wow you do not want to be that trailer!!

Just for the record… I suspect that was PREVIOUSLY an almost empty trailer.


I’m having trouble finding the related video.

first, log in to http://bpsepaa.com/video/main.php as guest/guest

The two QF matches this shot could be from are:

I’m not seeing a full trailer on 2990 in either of those matches.

there is a pretty good shot of 488’s awsomeness at 1:12 into the first video linked.

It might have been a practice match?

More pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/imjayro/Oregon_Regional_FIRST_Robots_in_Action#

In Oregon, we ended up replaying a quarter final match, so this photo may be from a match that did not count.