pic: FRC488 - Team Xbot's 2009 Robot

Video of a systems test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gpkF8Ptau4

This photo was taken Saturday night, so the robot wasn’t quite complete, but it was very close. We’ve since added a front panel and some flaps that channel the balls nearer to the center as we dump to improve the machine’s accuracy.

Some information:
– 4WD with 1 CIM motor per side, geared at about 8:1. We have “traction control on demand” for straight line acceleration but have found that our drivers like the robot to be a more loose in the turns.

– Conveyor features front and rear, independently driven urethane belted mechanisms, each powered by a FP motor geared at about 39:1. We can load empty cells from the floor and store them in the conveyor and are able to return them to our payload specialist.

– Hopper capacity is 20+ balls and it can unload in 2/2.5 seconds. The hopper is itself a fabric “bag” that is rolled up on a drum to raise its floor to the top of the robot. It is powered by two CIM motors at 8:1, though we’re considering speeding it up some.