pic: FRC488 - Team Xbot's 2009 Robot

Video of a systems test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gpkF8Ptau4

This photo shows the guts of the robot, though the dumping mechanism is missing. Unfortunately, its operation requires the paneling to be in place, so it’s challenging to photograph it.

Some information:
– 4WD with 1 CIM motor per side, geared at about 8:1. We have “traction control on demand” for straight line acceleration but have found that our drivers like the robot to be a bit loose in the turns.

– Conveyor features front and rear, independently driven, urethane belted mechanisms, each powered by a FP motor geared at about 39:1. We can load empty cells from the floor and store them in the conveyor and are able to return them to our payload specialist.

– Hopper capacity is 20+ balls and it can unload in 2/2.5 seconds. The hopper is itself a fabric “bag” that is rolled up on a drum to raise its floor to the top of the robot. It is powered by two CIM motors at 8:1, though we’re considering speeding it up some.