pic: FRC488 Withholding Allowance

28.5 lbs. worth of manufactured parts for this weekend’s Central Washington Regional.

This is a new front rail for our chassis (Nightmare Repairs At Competition - #44 by system - General Forum - Chief Delphi), extra frisbee scoops, drive wheels for a change from gears to sprockets, a spare bucket and an entirely new collector, storage and shooting system.

Looks great!

Any particular reason you switched from gears to sprockets on your drivetrain?

Only because we busted up our frame pretty badly in Portland. A hard hit sent ripples down the side plates on one side our drive and parallelogram-ed the entire frame. The gears don’t mesh well anymore and the wear on them by the end of the event had made the robot almost entirely unable to drive.

The gears coupled the VexPro Ball Shifter output to the back wheel. Everything else used chain. We’re replacing that gear stage (34:64) with a sprocket stage (16:32).

Looks similar to ours for Pine Tree in week 6! New superstructure, disc magazine, level 3 climbing mount, and shooter plate.

Good luck!

Please tell me you have a cardboard replica of this on the robot in place for “functionality” XD

I love rapid evolution and change during season. It really shows how innovative teams can be to redesign a system within a set weight restriction, but also with the restrictions of what theyve already built.

You all have been very busy I see. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.