pic: FRC488's Ball Control System

All of the talk of split rollers made me realize that there weren’t any pictures of a our ridiculous roller/vacuum system in CD-Media.

It didn’t work as well as split rollers apparently did, but it worked well enough to help us win an event.

The rollers are individual sets of three concentric rings that rotate relative to one another. A comb-like structure in the rear maintains their orientation toward the center. These are powered by a single CIM.

In the center, a suction cup with flexible rubber skirt finds and grabs the balls.

Our kicker had a horseshoe-shaped foot that slips around the suction cup to hit the ball.

Hi Madison,

Congratulations on your team’s win in Seattle! We also made some modifications to our ball collector after the Oregon regional which drastically improved our game for Hawaii and the Championships.

At one point during the build season, we thought about implementing a set of angled rollers on a common shaft such as the one in your picture, but could not think of a simple way to construct it. Would you mind elaborating on how you guys did it? Was it fabricated on your team’s laser engraver?

Always interested in different and interesting construction methods.

Alan Ing