pic: FRC5190 2018 Robot

Great looking robot! Can’t wait to see it at Asheville. I really like the tilt on the intake that allows scoring from either side of the robot. Does the intake have a pneumatic cylinder actuating it or is it just surgical tubing?

The intake has surgical tubing and two pneumatic cylinders to hold the cube in place. Thank you!

Looking good! Nice practice field elements too.

What made y’all decide to do one cylinder on each side of the intake as opposed to one cylinder controlling both?

Probably because we had those two cylinders laying around and they worked. We didn’t prototype with one controlling both. The cylinder head isn’t actually mounted to the intake arm. It just keeps the arm inplace.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply.
I’ll be sure to come by the pit in Asheville to get a closer look at that mechanism.

Haha, only if we don’t change it by then!