pic: FRC548 The Robostangs IRI 2015 TBA

More practice before IRI. Noodles are now dragging on the ceiling.

Is that a couple 6 stacks I see…? :ahh:


Our original lift was unfortunately limited to stacking prime numbers of totes. But with recent enhancements in computer-brain interfaces and computational theology we have succeeded in making 6 a prime number!

6 a prime number? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well, 6 is a perfect number, so there’s that ^^

The product of its factors is equal to the number itself.


:frowning: Of course I got it wrong…kinda nice it still works for 6!

Could you explain what caused this limitation? That seems like an odd issue to have, unless it was just a joke that went over my head.

It was a joke.

We have stacked 5 totes thus far, but with some modifications to the lifting chain we can now stack 6. We felt the IRI rule changes and higher average robot scoring made it more important to score full stacks at IRI.

With our robot, we were limited to 5 lifters also, so to do our 6 stacks we just put 2 totes on the first lifter:D