pic: FRC68 2014 Prototype Electrical Board

Our prototype electrical board for Aerial Assist. The design of the board changed from the time we started building it so we had to move some components around. We’re going to make another for our actual robot!

Looks nice.

What can you tell me about those PWM cables? They look like a larger gauge wire than usual. Are there improvements on the normal, small gauge, red, black, white cables?

Looks nice! I love how organized it is! And I love the talons and cable ties

Oh how nice it must be to have PWM cables that are exactly the length you need them… Wish I knew how to accomplish such a feat.

  1. Spend about $100
  2. Watch a 4-minute video
  3. Enjoy!

Did that, spent the rebound rumble season chasing pwm connector issues.

PWM manufacturing takes a very attentive student, and I would love to see some quality testing prior to installation on the bot.

This became more of a hassle than what it was worth. We now buy 12" 24" 36" from andymark and call it good.

YMMV, every team is different, but by the time we have a cad layout of the electrical board, the bot is ready for the electrical board… :slight_smile: So adding this workload to manufacture the pwm to length, was an added stress we have decided is not worth the hassle.

Nice Job 68!

This makes me wish we had space on our belly board for more of our electronics…

I too would like to hear more about your custom PWM cables. We make out own PWM cables with material from Hansen Hobbies, however those connectors intrigue me.
They appear short, white and seem to have a very snug connection with the pins on the side car.
Would love to hear more about them. Very nice wiring btw.

Sorry that it took so long to reply to you all.

We started making custom PWM cables last year after a lot of conflicts with PWM related electrical failures in 2012. We ordered 1000’ of stranded 24 gauge wire. We chose the higher gauge because it fits inside of the pin crimps better, and is harder to be ripped out of a motor controller.