pic: FRC973, 1662 and 3501 Triple Balance

Good times!

973 and 3501 made it super easy to triple balance. It often felt easier and faster than a double balance! Thanks for letting us use our peg leg in so many of those elimination matches. It was great practice for STL!

And a big thanks to 2337 for inspiring this design, who I hear was in turn inspired by 33? In any case, thanks CD for being a one-stop, inspiration shop!


33 and 148. 33 made us get moving on the idea, and 148 gave us the design we wanted to go with.

Ummmm what happened to the Red Allience? but on the other hand Great job for the blue allience ::rtm::

They attempted a triple and as a result 1323 flipped over.

For the record, we got the triple balance to work on the practice field. It was a tight fit. After this match, EJ called off the triple balance and had us play defense while 1323 and 254 balanced.

Got to say I was blown away by the quality of robots at central valley.

There has not been very many triple balances is California, I bet we could list them all here.

I believe the blue alliance also attached water bottles to 3501, correct me if I am wrong though. It seemed like it really helped, as they accomplished the triple in a very short amount of time, maybe equal to some of the doubles.

Water bottles? I don’t remember hearing about that. And how would that help?

I helps because you can finely adjust the weight of each robot, so that basically, the moment all the robots are on the bridge, the bridge tips to being balanced. Also, I believe they would have done it anyways, because 3501 was underweight. It looks like the green things zip tied onto the robot are the water bottles. You can zoom in to see.

They are probably water bottles filled with some heavy metal. That’s a unique way to use a sponsor give-a-way.

That’s correct, they were filled with bolts and nuts and such.

That’s a smart idea! We (like most people in CA) have about 10 Platt bottles per team member, and with nothing to do with them, using them to manipulate the robot’s CG and weight is genius!

A product of 973’s genius. It’s fun working with veteran teams like 973 during those Saturday afternoon matches, I feel like a sponge literally soaking up experience.


i remember walking back off the field at one point seeing those bottles going on and was rather impressed with the ingenuity of it all