pic: FRC973 offseason teaser #3

Something using these random plates and bearings (penny for size reference) will be competing at 2-3 offseason events this fall! We’ll upload a teaser a week or so until the full reveal. We might post a full .stp file of the robot when it’s finished.

The needle bearings are making me think something like a roller claw - a large diameter shaft in an area with plate too small for full size bearings…

Neat stuff, it’s fun to try to piece together a design with only a few of the pieces shown. I’m assuming from the odd bearing sizes and frame gussets that this is some kind of drivetrain with rotating wheel modules, but I can’t figure out how your previously posted gears and pneumatic cylinders fit in. My money is on some bizarre type of shifting approach for transmissions that will drive coaxial modules, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something even more off-the-wall.

I anticipate the full reveal, looks fun! .stp file would be appreciated of course. :slight_smile:

Adam teased me with a small assembly of one of the components of the whole robot a few days ago. The full reveal will have you all on the edge of your seats or should I say computer chairs. :cool:

That’s a lot of neat stuff! And good luck at the off season events

You know, I bet it’s a unicorn drive with some kind of super cool lift on top. Adam’s been making a lot of posts about 8 motor swerve drives. The waterjetted gears he showed mesh with a window motor, which is a pretty common choice for steering. The tiny shifter pinion is probably for the transmissions, which use something awesome no one’s seen before.

Sorry Chris, those post are in reference to an updated version of this guy. We added two more steering motors and two more drive gearboxes to play with.