pic: FRC973 offseason teaser #5

A little late this week… Almost done, a pic before powdercoating.

It’s a new minibot alignment system (at least that’s my guess) :smiley:

Could be, but they already have a ramp. Don’t know you can improve on their massive lexan alignment system?

I guess one could make it less massive while not making it too much less voluminous.

They want it massive. It lets them have a smaller margin of error. The alignment “V” on their ramp is so large so they don’t have to be anywhere close to being aligned with the pole.

This is gonna be the coolest swerve in the West.:rolleyes:

Is that bracket also going to be reinforced with welding on the frame, or is the bracket enough?

Looking good!

Could this be a corner of a chassis? :eek:

Looks like the corner to a chassis but the giant hole has me guessing a simple bumper mount. What are the thicknesses of the metal?

Could be titanium, But that seems like a lot of machining for titanium.

It’s all plain 6061 Aluminum. The tubing is 1/16" wall, and the gusset plate is 1/16" thick. Those are 3/16" rivets and this is the finished assembly, no additional welding or bolting.

Figured as much. I’m liking the no weld designs from you.

Probably not legal, but it would be cool if this robot could deploy 2 mini-bots simultaneously.

Am I right in assuming there is another one of these brackets on the underside of this assembly?

We’ve been building frames like this for the past few years now and we really like how they turn out. In terms of getting an extremely square and accurate frame, I haven’t found a better way. The nice thing with this as well, is that while welding usually isn’t necessary after final construction, if you do decide to weld, the frame is already jigged together for you.


All the cool teams use 1/4" Rivets.

No because that would be pointless. Lol

Actually more like 50. lol

Brandon, the lower gusset is actually our .125 thick full size bellypan. This year we had the bellypan and an internal block, no upper gusset. A student pointed out we should try an upper gusset for our 6wd instead, and it turned out to be obviously a lot simpler and easier to make. The internal blocks are a pain to fabricate.

Haha, we’ve only recently really started using rivets in this fashion, and #10-32 bolts are our standard, so 3/16" matches up well. Our pneumatic and hand riveters only go to 3/16" as well. A “big daddy” is on our wishlist, we’ll see what happens. It’d be nice to know we can drill out 3/16" and go to 1/4" as a quick fix.

Ah, yes that makes sense. We’ve built frames for our manipulators/elevators/etc. using the same technique where gussets would be on either side; that is why I asked the question.

Looking forward to seeing the completed assembly.

What material rivets are you using? We used 3/16" stainless on our claw this year, and we had a hell of a time popping them by hand. Luckily our sponsor has a more specialized rivet gun so we were able to get them eventually, but it definitely required the correct tool.


That’s too bad. 6061 is fun and nice to weld. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if its welded it is harder to repair (especially if already powered coated)

Some welded powder coated robots frames show cracks in the welds by the end of the season after some hard matches.