pic: FRC973 offseason teaser #6

Almost done… 10 days until we compete.

This looks to be the bottom of a west coast chassis. Nice second bot.

Those rivets sure are placed funny. What could be attaching to the majority of the middle of your belly pan? Looks like a lot of cross supports… Or the structure for some kind of lift.

We actually use the rivets for attaching electronics. We try to avoid internal crossmembers on the driveframe. We really aim for less stuff.

It’s too thick to be a standard belly pan. I’m too lazy to search atm, but I’m fairly certain I remember several WCD teams stating they use 1/8" plate as a belly pan.

There are 2 vertical black cylinders underneath it, if you look through the gussets. Additionally, the far edges of this have holes that look like they may match up with the long rack gears Adam posted a few weeks ago. Finally, the large right-angle hole on the left hand side doesn’t match any common gearbox patterns for a drive train.

Are you even hanging tubes with this bot?

This looks 1/8" to me. Standard bellypan. And yes the bot is to hang tubes, they’ll be competing with it at 3 offseason events. (plus I may have some inside info :rolleyes:)

The orange looks a little light, Adam. Or is that just because of the photo?

The orange is a tad lighter than last year. Unsure who would have tipped you off to what we’re doing.

I can’t wait to see this all completed, it’s going to be an unbelievably gorgeous robot!

-Dave Powers

Wouldn’t that make replacement difficult and prone to creating metal chips in the vicinity of electronics?

The tang left below the bellypan is so small we can cut them with dykes. Hasn’t been an issue for us in the past. Most of the components riveted will never be removed or replaced anyway.

We’re looking at switching to variable length plastic rivets in the future to save a little more weight (they cost about the same anyway).

Chassis to a three wheel swerve???