pic: FRC973 offseason teaser #7

All three robots packed for the Fall Classic!

Cant wait for this weekend!

anyone notice the small reflection off the sheet metal on the right?

New elevator on your drivetrain? Beast.

Make sure you get some video :slight_smile:

I’m sick of teasers! Don’t you think 7 is a little obsessive! :wink:

Second a request for video!

I will make sure to get atleast SOME video of it at the Fall classic

Awesome elevator and all, but where’s robot #3? I bet there’s some Pink clone hiding under that picture.

I love how that lift keeps the visual appearance of the arm robot’s mast such that it takes a second to see if it’s different. :slight_smile:

You can see the mast of the super stripped down and kiddie-proofed practice bot directly behind the mast of the comp bot.

i cant wait for tommorrow, its going to be amazing playing with/against you guys. And the elevator looks great.

I believe I see some constant-force springs on the lift. What force rating do they have and where did you guys get yours?

Looks good! Can we see a whole picture now?


Hate, Hate, Hate those things.

We’ll post a full picture tomorrow, we’ve been so busy preparing that we just haven’t really had time for this stuff. It was really hard to get the robot programmed as all the programming mentors just got back to school Monday.

They’re 7 lb I believe, from mcmaster. Both mcmaster and sdp-si seem to have a similar and pretty decent selection.

Tom, these guys aren’t too bad at 7 lbs, easy enough to handle by hand without cutting yourself (although I have a few times already). The 40 pounder we have but didn’t use scares the heck out of me however.

Sean lied to me! He said you were all too busy with that last robot to build an elevator…

Looking forward to seeing your stuff this afternoon!

Adam the color scheme on those bots looks really familiar =). I applaud the amount of off-season work you guys do. The robots look great, best of luck in the off season. Tom those elevators in general are not my friends. They work great when they are working but keeping them working is certainly a challenge. As 125 well knows I am sure.

Interesting thought on the elevator. We ran an extremely similar elevator all season long that was incredibly quick and never once had a single problem. That is through 3 regionals, champs, and IRI. We’re heading to our second offseason in a couple weeks and the elevator still is perfect.

I guarantee you that Adam and company will have no problems with this elevator. The engineering that has gone into it is more than I have ever heard of on a FIRST team.


We were missing the pesky constant force spring Tom is so in love with haha. So needless to say the elevator cable on our robot if it was full forced powered down would continually jump off our spool. I know 973 probably didn’t have any problems with that elevator. We used a similar elevator style setup as well which is why I was commenting.

973’s elevator has no spools for anything to jump off of


I haven’t seen there exact setup as I am stuck on the east coast but I actually pm’d Adam to see if would mind sending some pics of their setup or giving some advice on implementing the constant force springs into the design. I am interested to see how they accomplished a similar design better then the one my team used in an effort to try to better my teams knowledge of this mechanism. I thank you guys for your comments.

The key to not having cable/rope/whatever jump off a spool is to not use a spool plain and simple. We used 25 chain to drive the first stage and then cascaded the second stage. Adam has an even cooler setup but again no spool. As you found managing rope is a pain and is why many teams this year especially avoided it in lift designs.