pic: FRC973 offseason teaser

Something using the smaller of these two cylinders will be competing at 2-3 offseason events this fall! We’ll upload a teaser a week or so until the full reveal.

Well, the above looks (operative word: looks) like a standard cylinder used on an AM Shifter (and many other designs for its widespread availability).

I can only imagine this will have something to do with a minibot launcher or some other one-shot device–I can’t see the reduced stroke being used to shift a drive gearbox unless they redid the entire thing to accommodate that (and I think that if anyone can play the if-it-ain’t-broke card…)

I can see it being used to reduce the amount of air a shifting transmission uses. The project could easily be a gearbox that makes it work.

the smaller bore would mean less force, and for the weight and complexity of solenoids and all the tubing, they might as well use a servo, or a pair of servos.

my bet is on mini-bot deployment.

The only reason I think this could be a shifting piston is because many teams don’t shift at 60 PSI now just fine. So this smaller system at 60 could equal other systems at 40.

Are you coming to CalGames?

Many teams use short stroke cylinders for shifting their transmissions. 987 uses a half inch stroke for our ball shifter…

I think the small cylinder is going to be used for shifting the custom 2 speed gearbox on your six wheel drive train.

I think whatever this project is that it has a few less wheels.

They already have a ramp so I don’t know what else they could do/

Let’s just say California will be rocked in the off-season with what 973 has in store for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Both of these cylinders are .5" stroke, and both are readily available. 3/4" Bore is somewhat “standard” in FRC from the years it was one of the few allowed sizes, but industry doesn’t respect these limitations. Both can be bought directly from bimba or mcmaster for the same price more or less, and ship fast.

The lower one is a 5/16" Bore, and has substantially less shifting force.

We’ve also been running 9/16" bore shifters the last two seasons with great success.

Won’t say what they’re for just yet, but some good comments in the thread so far!

Given the following, I’d say the opposite.

I think it’s a drivebase overhaul - these puppies will be used to raise/lower wheels.

These may also offer an appropriate amount of clamping force for a “gas shock” style roller claw. (ie. 1902 in '08)

Keep in mind that a 5/16" bore is only pushing with 4.5 lbs.

perhaps some sort of locking device for your arm. something with one or two of these that locks the arm in place when it isn’t being driven, it could reduce the amount of bounce and slop in the arm and make it smoother, and thus easier to place tubes.

It could be used in a similar way of 254’s to let go of the tubes without the use of a roller claw.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see it at CALgames!

The guesses about drive shifter are correct. However, there is something odd going on, as this is not strong enough to shift our usual gearboxes (9/16" doesn’t sound much bigger, but it has a lot more force).

We’ve already got a clamping grabber :wink:

We likely won’t be there, the cost is much higher than other CA events, and they won’t allow us to enter multiple robots.

Ball-lock shifter?

Ball Lock would require a tad bit more force than what that guy can provide.