pic: FRC973 Presents Emperor Swerve

Here it is!

Emperor Swerve is a fully omnidirectional swerve that can translate and rotate simultaneously through all orientations.

Here are some specs;

Corner Module based design. Each module is a fully integrated drive, shifting and steering unit.

Autozering modules using photointerruptors and incremental encoders. This allows us to never have to mechanically zero sensors (like you’d have to with absolute sensors).

40 lb drive, with bellypan, batterybox, bolts etc…

2-speed, 6/16 fps.

No welding at all, on the entire robot. Minimal CNC work, mostly manual machining and waterjetted parts.

We’ll make a separate post for the elevator when we get better pictures of that.

We’ll be competing again in November, and will be practicing and optimizing the system in the meantime.

So when are you going to post the cad for this so that all of us can explore the amazing robot that you guys built?

I think I may have fallen in love! Seriously, this thing looks amazing!

Very well done. Looks awesome.

Very impressive build. Congratulations on your offseason, the results are outstanding

Wow, very nice! What other offseason are you guys doing?

We have 6 weeks until The Madtown Throwdown in Fresno, which is shaping up to be a ridiculously stacked event (254, 254, 968, 971, 971, 973, 973, 973, 1323, 1323… that’s a lot for the west coast!). We plan to be well practiced and well coded for this event, we had 30 seconds of practice and maybe 5 hours of code time before this previous weekend’s event.

Haha thank you, but all congrats should go to 1538 and our comp bot. The crab was limping all day due to a glaring oversight on our part that resulted in tripping breakers. Easily fixed, but in the heat of the moment we didn’t immediately spot the solution.

So, for future reference everyone… Path DOES matter if it possibly results in wheels pointing at each other driving full speed… Boom 120 main breaker trip.

Gosh is that beautiful. Great job 973 I am very interested to hear more about the iteration of this swerve drive.

We saw this at the Fall Classic, looked very impressive. Totally blew the swerve drive were are designing out of the water. Hope to see it again soon, and congrats on your win!

I’m impressed, this is good. I hope to see it up close at the Throwdown.

Wow! Really cool. omnidirectional swerve with two speeds! That is definitely the ultimate drivetrian.

I notice the CIM has two gears on it. I was wondering if you can shed some light on the design process of making a compact two speed swerve. Love to see more close up pictures.

thank you for posting

We’ll get a picture of a module removed this weekend. It’s kind of cool the swerve is really just 4 modules and a frame. The modules really are “IT”.

Also, to answer O’Sancheski’s question, we’ll likely post a video, photoalbum and .stp file closer/after the next offseason event when the robot is “done”.

I still like dungeness crab much better Adam. I’ll make sure that will be the name for the potential 2012 bot.

Dungeness makes no sense, with our last crab being King Krab. Emporer is like the only thing greater than a king. Already got a name for the 2012 bot as well :wink:

After looking through more of your teasers, and seeing those constant force springs coupled with the R&P, I have to say this is by far the coolest lift i’ve seen in FIRST. I am sure it runs like a dream.

^^ Eagerly awaiting video of the lift, it must be FAST

No mini-bot?

Very impressive Adam, this is incredible.

The design is clean, simple, and very well executed. Pulling off both translation and rotation at once is very impressive. A swerve of this caliber has real competitive advantage (as compared to 60% of the swerves that get built).

I hope they give you 4 window motors next year so you can do this.

Kaiser Krab?

Nah, that’s the same level as King Krab.

So how close is Emperor Swerve to unicorn drive?

King Krab? Emperor Krab?

You need a Demo-Krab or Aristo Krab. (HA, I’m funny).

Adam, did you guys end up using the shifting on the crab drive? Was it worth it?