pic: Fred's Relaxing Retirement at PARC


Our advisor who has been part of our team for 8 years will be retiring this year. He will be retiring from his position as an electronics teacher at the high school. This was mainly to present him with awards and allow other team mentors to say a few words to him!

We actually had to keep the whole idea of the plack that we seniors gave him very secretive so that only the seniors and a volunteer knew about it ahead of time. But man was he surprised wasn’t he. I would like To thank his wife aka “THE BOSS” for keeping him distracted long enough for us to actually set this all up.

Congratulations Fred on your retirement, and to all of your years in FIRST! Dedication like yours helps make the program great. I sure hope you will return to PARC in the future.

… I commend the Tigertrons for pulling this one off, good job guys! :smiley: