pic: FREE HUGS...did you get one?


Everywhere 71 was at we had these free hugs signs. I was just wondering how many people actually recieved one of these hugs?

I got one!

i have a rather odd picture of all you silly sign-wearing people attempting to hug people, when i find it it is soooo being uploaded :stuck_out_tongue:

This was my sign at IRI, but i had similar ones at michigan and evanston. I also know that other people had signs like these, and i wondered if 71 had the best hugs? Especially one andrew? andrew m. i think his name was…but i may be wrong. I just really wanted to know who all got one.

dang. if I knew about that, I would have gone!

Which team was it that had the $2 hugs? Im sure they were much better then the free ones :stuck_out_tongue:

That was my sister taking away my fame :frowning: , and then it ended up on the prank monkeys robot. I assure you though robots do not give the best hugs. haha


Hugs are the best. I got an award for hugs once.

I got a hug too!


I got a hug for $2 from Amanda, wth…I should have shopped around.

I got a LOT of hugs from Andy. He’s totally more cool than what Amanda is. :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn’t going to give $2 for a hug from Amanda, it seemed too dirty!! :yikes:

/me ducks behind Big Mike

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember my hug, the $2 had to pay to knock me out, that is dirty. Taking advantage of the GMD…Good thing I have a good lawyer!

actually at nationals my my fellow driver (steve) decided join this free hug movement, but being the capitolist he is he wrote BETTER FREE HUGS on his sign and stood next to everyone esle with just FREE HUGS, needless to say he got more hugs than the other guys

Though I’ve never tried a 71 hug, I can attest that 461 gives very good hugs. That is all.

Also, when S.P.A.M. was voting for which team to give the “Best Handout Award” to in Atlanta, it seemed as if 179’s “Free Hugs” were a hit. Best thing is, when you got the hug…you got a little green on your shirt too…nothing better than some green body paint from the guys of the swamp. The $2 hugs seem like a great idea, and I’m sure they were a hit! :slight_smile:

Amen brother. Y’all Free Hug children gather around. I am going to confess that I may or may not be responsible for tossing Mr. Morrison into Free Hugsigndom. But hey, there is a style. Remember to have it on both sides of your shirt, cuase you never know who might come up from one side. And if you’re gonna give hugs, put your pins elsewhere, or your subjects will be in pain. I say this very modestly from the point of view of a future evil overlord, if overlords can be modest.

71’s been giving out free hugs at least since the 2002 IRI (I can’t remember if we gave out many at competitions, we were too busy with a golf game we had), when a couple guys from the team wanted a contest to see how many hugs they could get. I jumped in later in the day and beat them all. (They had trouble getting hugs from other guys.) At any rate, 71 won the team spirit award that year because of our hugs. Also, to keep any pins from sticking you, it’s easiest to duct tape the signs on to your shirt.

The other day at work, a friend of mine asked another friend, James, if he could buy her something. James’ reply was, “No, but i can give you a free hug.” I instantly thought ‘ROBOTICS COMPETION!’ and started cracking up. They just stared at me. lol

It’s no wonder so many teams give out free hugs, they’re one of the only giveaways that you know won’t be thrown out later. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I didn’t get one, Can I get one now:(

:::HUGG:: for Bharat Nain. Sweet. Online free hugs.
My bad Elyse. ^^ It was just strange. When I met your team at Midwest, NOBODY was wearing FreeHugs signs. Then I attacked andy. That was fun. evil.

Hmmm. I dunno. People always end up getting me with pins. Maybe cause they’re too tall or something…