pic: Free Hugs !! <--Team 521 !!!

Our robot gives out free hugs dont you wish you got one at nationals well Genia “A Breezy Era” <–as know on CD got a free hug from our robot !! Ahh Nationals were fun eh girls and boys ??

Hey it’s me I’m famous!!! Anybody else want free hugs? I think someone should make a cute robot that would go around to places wehre people need hugs and give them hugs, like you know how sometimes people are in quarantine and stuff it could give a hug or I dunno. It’d make a good movie. :smiley:

hmm i tihnk i found my project for class im going to build a free hug giving robot intentionally for giving hugs heh it would be great ! haha ! ill use the old edubot controller or something …

ahh but now it is called “RoBo VaTiOn!”

tom you never make sense to me …

The sad part is our robot got more hugs then I did q=~( I guess nobody loves lil’ old me . But yeah at leats my creation got some action, if not me, plus it probably has better manners then most guys (and more likly to call you back after a date).

Hmm this almost left me wishing that i had brought the robot to the webhug !! haha oh well…

Rowdy Pete 4 (that’s 461’s last year’s robot) COULD come to IRI just for that purpose. It gave me one, except nobody took a picture. Everyone hates me.

Our robot gives free hugs, too. :slight_smile:

Seriously, a breezy era made my day (and others, I’m sure) with her free hugs.

You rock. I feel all bashful now. I try to give Rowdy Pete 5.0 a hug whenever possible. Maybe I’ll wear a “free hugs for your robot” sign next year…

Although I don’t have any photos of it, Our robot has given hugs/strangled many of our team members. It feels like a cross between a bear-hug and a head-lock.

Team 71’s 2001 bot gave hugs to little kids in the town. You can see it in their 2002 Chairman’s report: http://hammond.k12.in.us/TeamHammond/Multimedia/Movies/Chairman’sReport2002.avi (WARNING: 463mb file) It’s at 7m30s in the video.