pic: Free Hugs!!!

One of the more creative ways of obtaining buttons from the other teams :wink: I know there was at least one more guy “handing-out” free hugs but I never managed to get a shot of him!

isn’t he a good looking guy? (hehe, shameless plug)

Didn’t FIRST say you could only give away buttons? :yikes:

That reminds me of my freshman year and went button crazy at UTC back when it was at the New Haven Colliseum and mroe teams could come. Anyway then I was divinly struck by God and had an inspiration I too gave out free hugs to all the ladies (cost a button for the guys) Also I offered to put the photo up on my website! I struck gold that year not only did I get loads of buttons (youd be surprised how many guys need a hug sometimes) but it was also a hit on my site LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh…now I truely regreat passing up on the hugs.

You forgot the free hug bear!

Why would you ever pass up on hugs?

Maybe we should all wear signs like that. The world would be much happier.

couldn’t agree more, hugs are great

Aaggghh… I did that in 2002 (the “free hug” sign) on the shuttle buses at disney lol.

you know what? I think we need as many people to do that at the nats as possible… that would be hilarious to see a sea of “free hug” signs

I just had a flashback to nats at disney and it brought a tear to my eye.

The free hug sign goes back as far as I can remember in FIRST, glad people are carrying on the tradition.

HEY! It’s me! I’m the girl with the sign. Hi Brian, guy with sign. Eh. Yah, hugs rock. I’m not going to Nats, unfortunately. Definitly next year. To make up for it, I am giving right now a fabulous online hug. So for everyone: ::HHUUUUGGGGGGGG:: Wonderful. I love you all. - Genia