pic: Free Hugs

When I saw this comic, I thought of FIRST.

When I first started reading this comic, I thought “Awww, how cute!”.

But then I read the last frame, and horrifying thoughts of Karthik singing J. Lo’s “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” started running around through my head, which changed everything.

Thanks for giving me nightmares! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm, reminds me of SPBLI with the guy dressed as a giant apple with a sign that read “have you hugged an apple today?”, don’t really understand if thats supposed to be funny or not, but he did get loads of free hugs. I think I’ll put a sign on my back “have you hugged Phil today?” and see what happens :smiley:

Free hugs are excellent things.

Don’t worry, he was supposed to be funny :slight_smile: He’s from team 93 which is from Appleton, WI (and of course, their team is called the N.E.W. Apple Corps.)

When I saw that cartoon, I immediately thought of Genia. She was the first person I ever met at a FIRST competition with one of those signs!

That comic isn’t funny at all. :cool:

First thought were the girls on 233… first ones I saw with free hugs signs…I’m sure there were plenty of others, but pink is just much more noticeable.

Free hugs…the reason WHY I go to FIRST comps…well ok it’s not the only reason.

Everyone loves free hugs. . . then again I’ve never paid for a hug. . . .

I see somebody hasn’t had a run in with Amanda Morrison. :wink: