pic: Free team advertisement

This is a picture I took at a local cruise tonight. Back in February I uploaded a pic of the Team 237 decal for our website I put on the rear window. It seems to work so far! I had several people ask me what “team237.com” was for. I explained to them what the team and FIRST was about and of course they thought it was Battle Bots but I think I got the idea through to them. So far this has been a good way to attract attention not only to our team but also FIRST.

I should also note that this cruise at Corey’s is actually in Team 38’s home territory. I did let the people know that 237 isn’t the only local team. I mentioned to them about teams 38 and 716.

Now all I need to do is find a small FIRST logo to add to the bottom of the rear window.

thats awesome, i’d so do that to my car if i had one.

now why don’t you really intrest us and post a picture of the engine?

2 cars in my house have that too also elgin, sara m, and our advisor pal have it on their cars.

Cool idea… but love the car… what year…my dream is that color and 67!

1968 Mustang coupe.

67 and 68 are almost identical, 68 mainly has required changes due to newer government safety regulations.

The color is “Acapulco Blue” a stock color available from the 67-69 model years and original color for my car. The color code is “D” in the 67/68 model years. There’s confusion in the 69 model year if it is “D” or “6”, depends on what book you reference.

Acapulco Blue is Dupont Lucite code “4864LM”, Centari code “4864AW”
or Martin Senour code “30H-3768”

It’s also the same color as “Nordic Blue” used in the Mercury division at the same time.

Any automotive paint shop will be able to mix the color from the Dupont or Martin Senour codes, even if they have to reference those and convert it to PPG or another brand.