pic: Fresh Off The CNC

Just a couple of the many parts we’ve CNCed so far. There are a few that we’re planning on unveiling later.
This is truly gearing up to be a machining intensive year.

Are brass knuckles allowed on the robot this year???

I sure hope so. Otherwise that transmission will have to be redone.

That, for lack of better term, loop-de-loop looking thing on the far left…was that machined? Because that looks (dang) sexy, even for a CNC’d part. I’m curious as to what it’s for though. No immediate use pops to mind.

Yes, the pillow block bearing was machined. We went over it with emery cloth to get that nice finish. We’re probably going to do that for most of out parts because it just looks great.

I have to ask. WHY are these parts SOOOO thick?!
There better be a really good reason for all this weight. Like that’s so much weight, I never thought I would see that big of parts on an FRC robot.

Thick parts? Looks like you will be putting a lot of load on them I think I know what you will be using them for.