pic: Fresh off the laser

Beautiful. If it was mine, I’d give it a nice maple stain, and a few coats of polyurethane. Are you planning any finish?

Sean Cantrell will be a big big fan of the Goats this year lol

Looks awesome. Can’t wait to see the finished product! I definitely agree with sanddrag too.

The students are leaning towards mahogany with gold anodized parts.

This is our practice robot so it will remain nude.

Hehehe, you said nude.

In all seriousness, this looks fantastic - but Mahogany and Gold? Wow. This may end up being the Rolls Royce of Logomotion. I like it. :smiley:

Well they are our sponsor.

Out of curiousity, what laser cutter did you use to make this? Does the team own it, or does it belong to a sponsor?

Looking at the size of those pieces, the laser probably belongs to a sponsor. Lasers are quite expensive to own!


It belongs to our sponsor. It is from Germany and is 2500 watts but it rarely goes over 2000. I don’t know the specific maker.

I’m not really experienced with wood, but would staining it add much weight? If you can, it’d definitely be worth for the aesthetics at least.(not to mention the added benefits of it)

Leather and suede bumpers

Really nice! our laser sponsor got backed up by the snow here and can’t spare us any laser time this year (we didn’t find that out until we had already designed the bot to be laser cut). So, we have done a quick re-design and will try to cut it out on a table saw and router. I am betting it won’t look as nice.:frowning:

Aniline dyes can give a nice bright stain… but the mahogany sounds nice, too.

Great to see wood being used wisely… it is amazing what you can do with the right software and the right tool.


It’s so nice to see someone else was inspired to try a different material for a frame and even more so that someone was inspired by that method of connecting things. I particularly like seeing the small differences in tabbing and overall design between 1771’s chassis the past 2 years and this one. I definitely think you guys will become big wood fans after this year. Remember that t-nuts are your friend and you should be golden.

The nice thing about construction methods such as laser cutting is that making multiple copies of parts is somewhat trivial.

Man, if there’s any way you could get a laser in-house, you could make furniture in the offseason as a fund raiser!

Just to keep in mind this is our practice bot. Just wait to see what the real bot will be made out of!! Same wood base, just a different type of material for the rest of the robot… It will be truly something to look out for!