pic: Freud

One of my summer projects. This is something that I have wanted to make for a while and since we had some extra pieces lying around that were never going to be used I decided to make one.

The gears are from two 2005 kit gearboxes which were at one point on the bot but got taken off. The modules are turned by the van door motor using nylon cord. I’m a little afraid that the motor is going to snap the cord but so far the plywood has been splinting instead. The modules take a little bit too much force to turn but so far it has worked with a little tweaking. I’m eventually going to make delrin rings to better hold the modules in place because there is about a 1/4 inch of extra space (I think this is the main reason they are binding).

Well what do you think?

Cool!. Very impressive

I dont have the slightest idea what it is…:o
Care to explain?

I’m curious as to where the control system is mounted, on the underside?

I believe this is a very compact, low cost two wheel swerve drive.

Cautiously, I ask: why is it named Freud-- or is that one of those “if you have to ask…” type of things?

i don’t think it is done as of yet, because the main wires are not in there ( wires coming from the battery). I think he is going to add a second layer with the RC

what kind of router do you have? , Alex? how did you set up your cut?

First, the shape wasn’t intended but just because that is the case doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with the name :smiley: . On another note there has not yet been a person who has seen it that hasn’t identified it as phallic.

what is missing is two speed controllers and some type of RC. I was going to use a vex but I don’t know if it can control the spike (if somebody knows it would be very helpful).

I cut every piece on the machine with one of these:
My school has had one for several years but nobody knew how to use it (even my teacher). I spent the last couple of school years teaching myself to use it and I think I have done pretty well so far. The cut was set up using a piece of plywood that was several inches too large so that I didn’t need to be accurate. I hope that answers your question. I had to do a little tweaking of the battery hole because it was a little small but other than that it has been working perfectly.

Thanks for all the comments.

One of my prototypes for the controls box for next year looked a bit odd because of the amount of space on a said part of the robot i was designing it for, but that did not mean I had any perverted intention what so ever, it was just that there was a limited amount of space to design this particular piece and I used as much as I could.

Let’s leave the phallic discussion for somewhere other than this site, please.

Sorry for provoking it!