pic: Frisbee Elevator

This CAD model is a few weeks old and we’re not using this design any longer, so I thought it might be fun/useful to throw it up here on CD and share it with people.

Because the discs take up a tremendous amount of the area of a robot, we thought that storing them vertically might afford us more room for other mechanisms. We designed this elevator to store four discs and load them into the back end of our shooting system. The discs are spaced 1.75" apart and there is a custom-designed geneva mechanism at the top that indexes the elevator car 1.75" per turn of the mechanism.

I can go into more specifics if people are interested and maybe post a closer look at the geneva model, too.

Soooo cool.

For the viewers playing the home game. Check this out.

I’ve been trying to find an excuse to put a Geneva mechanism on a 148 robot for about 5 years now. I’ve had them on several concepts, but none ever made the final robot. I’m sorry to hear that yours didn’t make the cut either…

PS - Nice sheet metal work! The hat-channels tying on the base supports is a really neat way to get stiffness. #appreciatethelittledetails

Didnt notice the Geneva part from Madison’s post until I checked out your link.
That is cool!!
Did you folks think about doing that back in 2010 with the soccer ball shooter?

So freaking cool. I wish you guys were building this.



The closest we’ve gotten to a Geneva wheel on an FRC bot is the barrel exchanger mechanism for our 2010 robot’s t-shirt cannon overhaul.

I sit down with my copy of 507 Mechanical Movements every year after kickoff and dream of all kinds of crazy cool mechanisms that will never make it onto the robot.

Definitely super cool.

I do the same thing. :smiley: Mechanism books are a fun source of inspiration (though they typically inspire simpler solutions).


Neato! Sad to see this won’t make it into your final robot… it is the most realistic implementation I’ve seen of a Geneva mechanism into an FRC bot.

I can’t think of any offhand, but is there an FRC robot that has successfully used this (or a similar) mechanism in competition?

Team 955 used one in 2009.

I had it on my bookshelf for a few years until I sent it off to another Raiderbotter :] .