pic: Frisbee Flip Fest action

Action during the finals of Frisbee Flip Fest

Glad to hear this game turned out great! That little 6 wheeled thing under the ramp was what I wanted to see built this year… nothing like a good ol’ roller claw.

Hope I get to help with next year’s MMVL game, even if I’m not quite a student anymore :3

Man, that is a good looking field. If FIRST runs out of ideas… :smiley:

This was an excellent game and a very well run tournament. Congrats to all of the students involved with the 2009 Milwaukee Mentor Vex Challenge. You’ve had your day off, now time to start dreaming up next year’s game!

MMVC this year was great. I had a blast. Thanks to everyone who helped put on the competition. Hopefully we’ll continue to get a rise in attendance in future years.