pic: From Brazil to L.A - #1860 Cephatron!!!

We’re coming and hoping to make a great competition!

This robot looks great !

Does anyone have videos of 1860 in action ?

Congrats on the Rockwell Controls Award!

Great robot and hope you can come back to LA next year!

Should see them in this match, I think I have video of one more that I’ll try to get up.

and it was great to have our South American friends attend the regional!

I am wondering why your robot got disabled?

I watched this match live from behind the blue outpost (left side of the screen, off the field). Watching it now, I remember something that disables a lot of robots.

I’m guessing that a cable came loose in the hard hit they took. This happened a little too often for my liking, on all different robots. Depending on the cable, this removes power to something like the cRIO, and the robot automatically disables.

Moral of the story: Make sure that all your cables are locked in tightly before the match.

If you are wondering why they got disabled during on of elimination rounds, it is becuase a robot or thier robot slammed into something causing their electronics board to shift over and fall during which time the battery became unplugged. The FTA and two FTAA rushed over to inspect the robot to make sure it was not a field error. Like Eric said, it is very important for teams to secure their battery. Incidents like this were happening all too often.

Thanks to everybody by the praises, it’s very important for us!

Unfortunately, we had a problem with our robot on the finals. Our eletronic board was broken, and, like EricH said, the battery cable released in a moment that the match was equilibrated.

Well, the experience was awesome, and I think that next year we go to LA one more time.

Thanks to everybody!