pic: From Old to New

It’s amazing to see how big FIRST has come in the past 12 years. From humble beginings with corn covered fields and a handful of teams, to an international organization with over 800 teams!! The 1992 FIRST Robotics Competition “Maize Craze” field on the right was a demonstration set up by WPI as a showcase of the competition’s roots. To the left is the 2004 FIRST Frenzy field. It’s interesting to see what a dramatic change time can bring, and makes you wonder what the game will be like 12 years from now!!

Wow, that’s a nice contrast. And you’re right, what will the competition be like in 12 years? We can only imagine. :eek:

Perhap it’s a bit of the old anti-athletic mindset stuck in me from my early high school days, but I like how the picture suggests sports yielding to robotics with the well framed basketball hoops pushed out of the way in the top corners. Nice camera work. :slight_smile:

That thought hadn’t crossed my mind when I took it, but now that you mention it, maybe it was a subconscious impulse :slight_smile:

I like this picture because it illustrates pretty well just how big FIRST is becoming. I know there’s a lot of discussion about how fast we’re growing, and how big events are getting, but things like the '92 demonstration really put quite a bit into perspective. I feel like I walked away from Battlecry with a better understanding of the big picture of FIRST and it’s ultimate mission, and how it’s evolved over time into the competition it is. From seat motors driven by tethered power sources to relatively complex IFI PIC based controllers, it’s amazing to see what teams can do with any technology provided. Doing more with less has always been the foundation of innovation, and I look forward to much more of it in the future!

What impresses me the most is that teams still have the robots from 12 years ago! What happens if they brake? none of the original people are still around. (except maybe as a mentor)

Some of the origional people now work for FIRST and also 190 got their origional manipulator who is now 30 to come back and run the bot for old times sake… It was nice though spending Saturday talking to a nice amount of people that were around in 1992…

Then they’ll come to a stop. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :smiley:

MrToast, who also kan’t spell werth a darn