pic: FTC 546 teaser

Just a little teaser for FTC teams this season (we’ll be attending the Arizona regional)

can you say BEEFCAKE?

are you guys dark matter from last year?

Yes, we were Dark Matter last year. This might be what our drive train looks like, but we might just be messing with you. :smiley:

I doubt it’s the drive train, that would be a little absurd. I’m guessing that they are somehow using this to bring the rings up to the top of the robot.

by the 12 wheeler design I’m guessing you guys are using the extra friction to manipulate the goals? Perhaps drag around some goals as well?

Its a cool drive base.

edit: lol I just read the above post. wasn’t even thinking about how this could be a manipulator

It could be the minipulator, it could be a drive base, or it could just be something randomly laying on the table in my garage…the world may never know!!:confused: :yikes: :confused:

last year they used a 10 wheel drive on thier bot

For reference, here’s our 2007 Championship robot:
10 wheel drive with 6 motors is quite useful, actually… :slight_smile:

In case anyone wants to know what it is, we’ve posted a video of the robot on youtube. Here.

Ok that’s just wicked cool! good luck!


I’m in love with that manipulator–it looks like it’s darn near automatic. Any chance for some shots on CD-Media?

One of our FTC teams came up with the same concept to pick up rings, but they’ve had a heckuva time trying to keep the rings on under bumping or without chains breaking. Looks like you guys have found a better design for it than they came up with.

I’ll try to get lots of pictures this weekend…