pic: FTC KOP inside SolidWorks

New FTC TETRIX Components. Light weight, defeatured, easy to assemble, holes on center. 1. Go to www.solidworks.com/FIRST. 2. Download FTC Tetrix KOP September 2014.
3. UnZip FTC Tetrix KOP folder Folder.
4. Inside SOLIDWORKS, Click Design Library. Click Add File Locations. Browse to FTC Tetrix KOP folder to show inside SOLIDWORKS.
Requires SOLIDWORKS 2014 - apply for sponsorship at www.solidworks.com/FIRST. Matrix components also available.

This is awesome! Thanks for putting this together.

Let us know if we missed any component. We bought Tetrix Kits directly from Pitsco.

Please use these new models. The older models were off by 1/100’s so multiple concentric hole mates were off.

Also, SolidWorks Tetrix defeatured models are vey light weight - better for purchased parts that you can’t modify. Do teams need a fully featured model for purchased components? Your advice back to us would be great.

Let us know your pain points in design and we can assist. Interference detection, Stop at Collision are helpful tools in the Assembly. You can assemble the robot and insert a tool from the “tools folder” to see if you can actually assemble the robot with such tight spaces between components using a screw driver or wrench.

If you dont have SolidWorks, Pitsco is a SolidWorks customer and their Tetrix components are available in all file formats on www.3DContentCentral.com.

Good luck in the competition. Marie

Hi Marie,

Thanks for your work supporting FTC!

We’re trying to model the FTC 2015 field in SW. Has this been done elsewhere?

We’ve tried to convert the Creo assmebly, but not having much success with the main assembly.

Any help appreciated,


This webpage will most likely work for you.


It has the 2015 field and KOP cad files.

Thanks Owen for the link. I couldn’t get the Creo assemblies to work in SolidWorks. The AndyMark STEP files did:


http://simhardware.org/img/BeaverBot Field_small.jpg

Sorry for the delay - China.

STEP files work better. Let me know if you need anything else. Marie