pic: FTC "Quad Quandary" low-cost field at CT kickoff event


Everyone who attended today’s kickoff event for FTC’s “Quad Quandary” in CT enjoyed seeing the playing field… lots of strategies were discussed as we played around on the field!

does any one know how much the middle goals weigh together?

While your weighing, anyone know the weight of the rings?

I will try and get weights for you, but you can also post the question in the forum.

I will not be able to weigh the elements on an accurate scale until Wednesday afternoon (and I will do so then).

In the mean time, the best I can do is to advise you that the rings are much lighter than last year’s softballs and that all of the four VEX robots we had at our kickoff were able to push the goals around with no difficulty.


yeah i was thinking of lifting the goals…