pic: FTC Render: Team #1983 Yes, The Skunklets


Indeed we are the FTC team associated with the AMAZING Skunkworks Robotics team. With the extra time before competition we decided that we would make an inventor model of our robot, not only will it be an awesome tool to show the judges it will help prepare us for doing more CAD work for Skunkworks next year. We are both underclassmen and hope that this will help prepare us for more modeling work next year. We have had fun with this, we still have some more work to do. We haven’t even touched the electrical systems yet. Hopefully we can learn a bit of Wire and Harness to make this turn out alright.

Navid Shafa (2nd Year) & Austin Chick (1st Year)

Team #1983
Skunkworks Robotics
Aviation High School

That is an impressive rendering! Kudos! But that can’t be your robot design for this years competition. When do you plan to use this design?


That’s a beastly render. Comparable to stuff I’ve seen from 103.


I labeled this in the title as FTC, not FRC this is definitely not for Lunacy, as it violates many of the rules. Sorry for the Confusion Steve, we just thought since we had extra time it would be a fun thing for us to tinker around with.

I like that its a healthy change of pace. Personally, I would like to go to the Delaware regional.

You guys did a terrific job on your first shot at Inventor!!
The BIG CAD guys now have the bar raised for them to do as well as the Skunklet CAD team did!!
congrats!! You have done the team proud!!


I feel so good about our render…dont you Navid??

Austin quit patting yourself on the back and get to work…