pic: Fueling Station with Orbit Ball


Fueling station from the field perspective with an Orbit Ball setting in one of the entrances. This is from the Crater perspective.

Hey Coach, looking good!

Where are you guys? New shop?

Thanks Jane.

Yes a new area in the school.

Classroom in the front and shop in the back as well as outside access at any time we need.

Have you experimented with throwing balls over the wall yet?

Nice job Coach.

Now if you could just whip out a playing field to put it on…:slight_smile:

Nice looking Fueling Station!

The only thing I noticed is that the vertical “posts” supporting the top of the Airlock are all oriented parallel to the outer wall of the Crater. This increases the apparent cross-section of the posts and reduces the overall open area presented to an approaching Robot. The posts should be rotated so they are orthogonal to the front edge of the base of the Airlock. That will maximize the “open space” available for a Game Piece to pass through. I recognize that your Fueling Station is built following the provided drawings for the “Team Corner” (Drawing TE-09001). But this drawing is incorrect.

The orientation of the post supports and buttresses is correctly shown in the official field drawing of the Airlock (Drawing GE-09012). We have asked to have the “team” drawing updated so these parts are properly oriented.



I hope everyone reads Dave’s post above this one, it is important, but I want to comment on FRC 2468’s space. Last year as a rookie team working in their classroom, they would not have had space to build this. They barely had room to build the robot. I’m so excited to see this and hey, it looks like there may even be room to build the robot! I can’t wait to come see the classroom/shop space. Kudos to you guys, the administration, and Eanes ISD, Coach.

To me the coolest part is… AC Power right from the ceiling! Sweeet…

That one ball looks so lonely in there… you need to buy it some friends. :frowning:

Nice fueling station, though.

We have several sheets of the Glasliner we have been testing our mule bot from last year on. Today we will finish the trailer.

Hope things are going well for you and your team.