pic: full frame arm

frame and arm mated together…

wow that is pretty sweet but looks reawlly heavy

what is the weight?
and are you gonna make it in the box for height and width restrictions?

now see its an illusion that its too big. The actual size is only 1 foot high by 7 inches long. Those qre toothpicks in the backround, shaped into the exact scale down of pvc pipes

That looks really neat. But, and this is critical, that arm is huge and the base is small. I don’t know about the weight of that giant beasty arm, but that thing with the right leverage could tip.:frowning:
So a few questions I would like answered are:

  1. How much does the arm weigh?
  2. Have you tried it out, driving with it on, etc.?
  3. On the happier note, is that a turntable? If it is, that’s great.

Interesting, very interesting. I’m judging by the lip on the front, you’re gonna try to hang by the bar. If so, have you tried climbing the steps? It looks as if your center of gravity might effect it with that arm looking very heavy.